Yardmama (http://yardmama.com) is a new online marketplace for buyers and sellers to discover one another. Users have a dedicated online presence to post and promote various sale listings including yard sales, garage sales, moving sales, and virtual sales.

The site aims to offer users an alternative to similar classified sites such as eBay and Craigslist. All sales are done off-line between the buyer and seller allowing the seller to keep 100% of their revenue. Yardmama does not collect a commission on sales or shipping fees.

Users can list for free or pay a subscription fee for other features including a personal vanity name, alert messages, and route maps.

Sell your stuff. Make money. Have fun. No yard required. Yardmama. Let Mama show you.
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Are you a hoarder? Take this quiz and see how quickly you’d be able to pack and move.

See more here http://www.mymove.com/blog/2012/09/infographic-are-you-a-hoarder.html?/?blogId=730069

Here is a brand new 5 hammer Franz Hermle Westminster clock movement with the chimes, glass dome and dials, winding key. pendulum and extra parts. Made in Germany. Has never been used. See more here http://yardmama.com/machinenut/a0hc6wKb8A6hKdAMiG79A/

Vintage coal miners hat with carbide lamp. Here is a vintage Black Diamond coal miners hat with a Universal carbide lamp. A nice display piece! See more here http://yardmama.com/yarddaddy/ipYMvt4YuX5i8l0e4DrRm/

Here is nice collectable Kodak #3A Brownie camera with red leather bellows and brass shutter. Good condition. See more here http://yardmama.com/yarddaddy/ipYMvt4YuX5i8l0e4DrRm/

Here is an original Stanley Toys buggy with horses, driver and passenger. Nice condition. It is missing the surrey canopy. See more here http://yardmama.com/yarddaddy/ipYMvt4YuX5i8l0e4DrRm/

Here is a nice MEC 10 stereo microscope with accessories kit. Variable power with the turn of a knob. Comes with power supply and mirror base for transparent specimens. Excellent condition. See more here http://yardmama.com/yarddaddy/ipYMvt4YuX5i8l0e4DrRm/

Lot’s of new stuff on Yardmama! Here is a brand new old stock Browning folding hunter knife from 1976. Made in Germany - model 3218F and has a 3-1/2 inch blade. Complete with box, sheath and instructions. These were the last of the German Brownings. Bought several in 1976 to collect. Never used or sharpened. See more here http://yardmama.com/machinenut/a0hc6wKb8A6hKdAMiG79A/

Keep Calm and Yard Sale On. http://yardmama.com

Pigs can already fly. What are you waiting for? Claim your URL & get listed today. http://yardmama.com/

French WWI images found still in camera.

You see….you never know what hidden treasures you might find from the secondhand market :)